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Reduce Your Washing Costs NOW !


You are about to discover how to cut your LAUNDRY BILLS by OVER 80%!  

EcoBall Eco-Ball EcoBalls Eco-Balls  

No matter how you say it, there is only one EcoBall.  

The natural, efficient way of delivering a clean & fresh Wash. The sensitive alternative to conventional washing powders 
Reduce Your Washing Costs NOW !

Let’s just take a while to understand the problem and appreciate the savings !!

Washing Powder - This product has been around for years, however, until recently, we have been less conscious of the ecological problems our children will face in years to come. By making the conscious change to EcoBalls you will significantly reduce your carbon foot print, with the added bonus of reducing your housekeeping costs!. Two significant reasons why you should read on.

Carbon Foot Print reduction - Lets consider conventional washing powder. This product is normally supplied in large heavy boxes, quite a sizable mass to not only produce, but also transport from the manufacturing facility, to the distribution centre, onto the supermarket shelves and then finally by you, the consumer, to your home.

 How many boxes of conventional washing powder would you need to purchase inorder to carry out the same number of washes with Ecoballs ?...

 A typical box of washing powder measures 440mm X 260mm X 120mm and weighs 6.65kg and will typically do 70 washes. As a comparison 1 box of Ecoballs measures 100mm X 210mm X 100mm weighs 0.6kg and will typically do 1,000 washes. A quick comparison of the weights (1,000 washes / 70 washes per box = 14 boxes X 6.65kg per box = 93kg Vs 0.6kg) is enough to appreciate the reduction.

 This same box of washing powder would cost around £15 to purchase. Therefore the cost per wash is £15 / 70 washes per box = 22p per wash Vs 2.5p for Ecoballs, a saving of 19.5p per wash. A typically household will do 10 washes per week X 52 weeks = 520 washes per year X 19.5p = £102 saving per year.

 What could be better, reducing your carbon foot print, eliminating the need to purchase heavy boxes of washing powder and fabric conditioner and saving a massive £100+ every year !

Reduce Your Washing Costs NOW !

Their scientifically formulated filling produces ionised oxygen to penetrate powerfully into fibers, lifting away dirt without fading colours or damaging delicate fabrics. Just place the three Eco-Balls® amongst your washing and switch on your machine – they soften clothes even in hard water, so no fabric conditioner is necessary, and as they do not contain soap, you can also cut out the rinse cycle to save energy.  

Instructions for Use:  

Place load in washing machine. Place all 3 Eco-Balls on top of the load, together.  

Use stain remover provided on stubborn stains. 

Select the desired water temperature (Do Not Exceed 60°C).  

There is no need to remove the EcoBalls® during any of the washing cycles, but do not put in the tumble dryer.  

Once finished washing, remove the Eco-Balls and leave out to dry.


Key resons why you should change without delay

One set of Eco Balls will last for 1,000 washes  - We have seen how much the equivalent washing powder would cost !

Softens clothes without the need of additional fabric conditioner - how much alone will this save you? Eco-Balls even soften clothes in hard water areas.

Hypoallergenic – Eco balls are suitable for sensitive skins in particular babies and children.

Wash at lower temperatures – Eco Balls operate on a quick wash typically 30°C, reducing your water bills and electricity costs, thereby saving you even more money.

Reduced  wash time - Since Eco Balls operate on a reduced wash cycle, your washing time is also dramatically reduced, allowing you to spend less time washing.

Antibacterial – Eco balls Kill Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus.

Environmentally friendly - No harsh chemicals or containers to dispose of, resulting in reduced pollution.

Protect your clothes – Eco Balls don’t damage clothing fibers or fade colours.



Reduce Your Washing Costs NOW !

Last but not least, where and how do I obtain the money saving idea.

For those of you who didn't see our website advertised in the Daily Mirror under the "Buy Now and Save Later" review, please visit www.ECO-BUYS.com or click the button below, to purchase this revolutionary new product and other ecologically friendly products which are set to change the way in which washing is done forever !

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